Software Development

Good Software Engineering is a result of Multi-Disciplinary knowledge, needed for proper requirements definition, design & architect adequate solution, and develop top quality tested software assets, while putting various kinds of risk at control.

In Harnessing our 20 years of vast experience, we will accompany your Team in making your projects also a success.

Designing Smart Devices

As Internet Of Things Becomes the leading Business opportunity of our time, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Smart Product Companies and Traditional Manufacturers must set their own IOT Strategy, Map Technologies and Development Resources.

Based on our several IOT Startups, we will share the lessons learned, Supporting your journey toward the Next Big Thing.

ITC-Training Center

In this era, Knowledge not being refreshed and actively maintained, becomes obsolete in a matter of 3 to 4 years. On the Job training, customized frontal courses and close consultancy are part of smart Software Teams management.

For 15 years our Architects, Team Leaders & Senior Developers Train Professionals. We will gladly do the same to yours.


INTEGRATIVE® is a Knowledge-Based Company, Meshing Theoretical Methodologies, Software Development Models and Practical Management of risks & constraints, into integrated, consistent Stairways to Excellence

From Legacy

  1. Tech Upgrade (VB6, Delphi)
  2. Capture Tacit Knowledge
  3. Train and Guide Team
  4. Redesign and Build
  5. Salvage Existing Assets
  6. Manage Releases

Winforms To WPF

  1. Gap & Needs Analysis
  2. Full Redesign
  3. Map Technologies
  4. Infrastructure Development
  5. Assimilate Agility
  6. Lead In House Teams

To The Cloud

  1. Large Systems Architecture
  2. Service Based Development
  3. Effective Scalability
  4. Adaptive Processes
  5. Professional UI/UX
  6. Fast TTM

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